US Robotics USR5638 56K V.92 PCI Express Fax Modem


Εσωτερικό Modem PCI Express με δυνατότητα αναγνώρισης κλήσης

Συνεργάζετε με το πρόγραμμα Lexicon CallerID





  • Mfr Part Number: USR5638
  • Features:
    • PCI Express
      • Supports PCI-Express revision 1.1 standard
      • Single lane card fits any PCI Express slot, with any lane size
      • Full height and low profile PCI brackets included
    • Advanced features and functionality
      • Send and receive faxes through your computer while running other applications
      • Permanently store preferred modem default settings
      • Wake-on-ring and Caller ID support
    • Get the speed you need:
      • Quick Connect (V.92) reduces the time it takes to establish your dial-up Internet connection
      • V.92 lets you send attachments up to 50% faster
    • Simple three-step installation:
      • Your USRobotics modem is so easy to install and use, you’ll be up and running in no time
      • Our Quick Installation Guide makes installation as easy as 1-2-3
    • Excellent Compatibility:
      • Compatible with Windows XP/XP 64 bit/2003/2003 64 bit/Vista/Vista 64 bit/Server 2008/Server 2008 64 bit/Win 7/Win 7 64 bit
      • Compatible with Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
      • Common driver across multiple Operating Systems
    • Global Approvals:
      • US and European regulatory approvals
      • Qualified for additional worldwide regulatory approvals, license fee for full approval
  • General:
    • Data: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32
    • Data Error Control/Compression: V.44/V.42/V42bis and MNP5
    • Fax: EIA 578 (Class 1) with V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21, Group 3
    • V.80 video conferencing support
  • Physical:
    • Phone line interface: One RJ-11 socket
    • Caller ID support (requires service from your local phone company; Caller ID may not be supported in some countries)
  • Power Consumption:
    • Power 3.3V
    • Signal LVDS
  • Regulatory:
    • FCC approved
    • IC approved
    • UL/CUL listed
    • TBR-21
  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • Windows XP/XP 64 bit/POSReady/2003/2003 64 bit/Vista/Vista 64 bit/Server 2008/Server 2008 64 bit/ Win 7/Win 7 64 bit operating system (Unimodem TSP/TAPI compliant)
    • Available PCI Express slot: full height or low profile
    • 2x or better CD-ROM drive
    • Analog phone line
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.00 x 0.50 inch / 6.98 x 5.08 x 1.27 cm
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs / 0.03 kg


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